If you want to Make money on freelance you have to follow some important guidelines. At first, it’s quite difficult to determine how much you will earn on freelance. $ 100? $ 500? $ 1000 No matter how much freelance you earn right now, there are several ways to increase your income.

Delegate Routine and Work More Productively

When you are a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose when to start and end your workday. But this does not mean that you will spend less time on work than anyone else. On the contrary, you need to work for hours precisely because your success depends on you.

If now you work 2-3 hours a day after work, then it is likely that after leaving your main job and increasing the number of working hours to 7-8 per day, you can increase your income. More projects – more money.

If you already work all day, try to optimize processes and think about delegation: maybe there is some kind of routine work that takes a lot of time, but brings little income? Give it to an assistant, and spend your time only on the work that brings you the bulk of the income. Remember the Pareto principle: 20% of the effort brings 80% of the result.

Raise prices

Do not be afraid to lose your current customers. Those who appreciate your work will remain, the rest will leave, and new ones will come in their place, ready to pay more. Determine the price for which you are comfortable working, and gradually move to this figure.

Try to review your prices every six months and increase them by 10-30%. That will help you yo make money on freelance.

Increase rating on exchanges

The more projects and reviews you have completed, the higher the rating and more attention from customers, which means higher prices for services. Always seek feedback from the customer. Even if he has not written it for a month, forgetting all the time, do not back down. Insist that he put you as an executor in the project (in case he chose you, of course), as sometimes they start work without these formalities. This is neither hot nor cold for the customer, but such details are important for you – try to remember them.


How good or bad your concentration on tasks directly affects the time you spend on them. More distractions mean a longer time to complete the task. When you work from home, distractions often appear from all corners of the apartment – children, the smell of food, the sun outside the window, a new series of your favorite series …

Equip your home-office correctly or rent a place in a coworking space if there is no working atmosphere at home.

Develop and learn new things

This is a big matter to make money on freelance. Each completed project teaches you something, but constantly improving qualifications in courses and workshops is a necessary condition for the survival of a freelancer. The world is changing every minute, you need to keep up with trends and competitors and get ahead of them: only then can you claim high incomes.

The higher your professionalism, the higher your income.

Promote your personal brand

Be sure to do online promotion – this is the most reliable way to increase your credibility in the eyes of potential customers and receive projects regularly, without wasting time looking for them. Join specialized groups, participate in discussions, add friends, and publish more posts about your projects and services on your personal page so that people know who you are and what you can do for them.

You can still publish articles in the media, and for free.

Explore other areas and directions

As a freelancer, you get the freedom to choose different ways to earn money and you can not limit yourself to only one direction. The more you can, the more you earn. Find areas in which you are good, in addition to the main specialization. Are you a graphic designer who can create music? Or a software developer who has a penchant for filming? Use all the features.

Be sure to study related areas: copywriters can do selling landing pages, illustrators can do video design, and so on.

Author – WebSailors