What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting someone else’s products or service.

Hey, everyone this Freelancer Parvez from Freelancetopic.com. And in this Article, I am going to explain to you that what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how you can earn money from there. Okay, so you promoting someone else’s products or service by what is called affiliate link. Which link you can get by a company or product service. And someone clicks on that link then go ahead and buy the products or service. You can earn some commission from there.

Affiliate Marketing Step by Step

Now the way that works, there is many different Affiliate program out there. Most company’s most products most services they have what is called Affiliate program. And the Affiliate program is basically a program they have that give the other people the ability to join for free and promote their products and earn a commission. So to join the affiliate program they will give what is called the affiliate link. Which is a special link that will allow the company track to see which sales were produced by you who clicked on your link and where hade in purchase so that they can track that and make sure you get paid for promoting the product?

Benefit OF Affiliate Marketing

Now the reason is why that is valuable to get started with the online. Because you don’t have to create a product, you don’t have to create a service you don’t have to be an expert. even you don’t need to sell the product. Because basically what you are doing, you are sharing a product or service with people they might know family members, Friends, your list, subscribers, followers whatever might be or you are endorsing something. And they click the link they are going to the other purchase website for the product or the service. And that’s going to sale them. They already have the product or service. And they have already marketing, customer support. They have the deliverability.

And you getting paid by sending traffic, visitors or customers just by sharing the product link. Affiliate marking allows a win-win for everybody involved. It’s a win for the company. Because the company has now a customer and sale that were previously have never gone. It’s a win for you. Because you get to earn money and a commission. You don’t have to get the risk, you don’t have to create the product or service.

Maybe you have ordinance or follower they might buy the product online. You can go and join the affiliate program and create an affiliate link and promote them to your ordinance.

So basically what it is, you are partnering with other business and companies. It’s an incredible thing your whole job in Affiliate. Your whole focus getting traffic, Getting Visitors, getting customers and getting subscribers.