Top 10 Tips to Start Freelance jobs | freelance jobs skills

Top 10 Tips to Start Freelance jobs | freelance jobs skills

Must Needed Things for a Freelancer

So when you are going to start freelancing. Then you need to have some materials and Some basic computer knowledge for the freelance jobs. Listed below with Description:
  1. Computer (Laptop/Desktop)
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Smart Phone
  4. Basic English
  5. Website
  6. Social Network
  7. Time Managment
  8. Workplace
  9. Communication Skills
  10. Passion

Ok, now Let’s discuss more all the topics on freelance jobs.


1. Computer (Laptop/Desktop)

Maximum freelancer working online. And they are completing their clients work virtually. So when you want to work for your clients, then you must need a computer. You can use a Desktop or your Laptop. It’s reliance on you that which one you will choose to work as a freelancer.

2. Internet Connection

Internet Connection is a most important thing for freelance jobs. You can use broadband internet connection or internet Modem by inserting a SIM card into it.  But sometimes you don’t need fast or stable internet connection all the time. When your work is done locally. Some local Web Desing work, Local Photography work, and Local Graphis Design Work. So bad connection is inconvenient but doesn’t stop you from freelancing.

3.Smart Phone

Smart Phone is also important for a smart Freelancer. Having access to important emails on the go can be a huge time saver. Whether you are coordinating appointments, chatting with clients, or scouring the Internet for important information. On the other hand, A smartphone will help you access working marketplace from anywhere that you want. There are many apps that are particularly useful for freelancers.

4.Basic English

When you are working Globally than you must need to use English to communicate with your clients. Though English in an international language. But it’s not mandatory to have depth knowledge of English. When you are working as a freelance writing job, and your clients also helpful. Also, comfortable to contact you over the message. So you need a lot more English messaging and talking practice with your friends before starting a freelance job or before start talking to your clients.


You need a personal portfolio website. There you can show your work sample and quality to your clients. one the other hand, Your website is your online business card. It allows you to present your skills, references, and yourself. personal portfolio website will help you to get more freelance job from global clients. Sometimes new clients aks you to show your previous work sample and feedback. Then you can show them your portfolio website where you have written about yourself, about your skills. Your previous freelance work sample file, Images, videos.

6.Social Network

Social Networking is a great thing to become a smart freelancer. You can connect with real-life clients using Social Network. Such as Linkedin, Xing, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are practically mandatory. You know that all the peoples now feel free to be connected with social media. So you should increase your connection with corporate and business owners people. it will help you to increase your online income.

7.Time Managment

Before you begin freelancing, you need to have a plan, how you maintain your working time. Sending invoices, checking contracts, making bank transactions, maintaining your website and social networks, as well as meetings with customers, are all part of your workday. You should schedule your day, week, and month accordingly. Don’t waste your clients valuable time. You need to remember that a client won’t tolerate it.


Work Place is more important to becoming a freelancer or freelance worker. You need a good place to work properly. If your kitchen table is your office, you should not be surprised if visiting friends remind you of customers. Try co-working spaces or set up a home office that is distinct from your personal/home life. Find out where you are most productive for freelance jobs. And a place where you can work hazard free.

9.Communication Skills

You will fail to earn money from freelance jobs. If you fail to communicate with your clients. As mentioned before, communication skill is the proses that will help you a lot prove yourself and your working skills. Though you are a great freelancer and you have a depth knowledge of freelance working. But you can’t introduce yourself properly then you fail to get a job on freelancing.

10. Passion

You need to be passionate about freelance work. Regardless of which category you fall into. it’s necessary to take time away from your work. Know when to give yourself a break. Nourish other interests.

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